Privacy Policy

When you use Kakvei, you’re trusting us to handle your personal information. Kakvei contains modules that collect your personal information. We will collect and use this information for the purpose for which is it provided only. The content you save on Kakvei is private to you, from others, unless you choose to share it.

When we refer to Kakvei in this Privacy Policy, we’re referring to all of our platform of app, including our Mobile app, websites and extensions.


Here is a brief overview of some important points:

  • We do not and will not sell your data.
  • We only required personal information for the sign-up process
  • To provide you with better writing suggestions, we will studying personal dictionary and word frequencies.
  • We offer a free product and hope you’ll purchase one of our paid products. That’s how we make money.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, you can contact us.
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